During the Swedish summer we open up the wooden gates to Theresia Hvorslevs summer atelier in Havstenssund, located on the Swedish west coast. It’s a small and charming little boutique located in a harbour warehouse by the wharf.


Here you can exclusively enjoy most of Theresia’s collections, including her bestsellers “Sagan om ringen…”, “Vågspel” and “Kärleksknopen”.


The surroundings are ravishing and right outside the door you’ll find sailingboats from all across the globe.


Silverknappen Havstenssund

Norra Magasinet, Hamnen
457 73 Havstenssund
Tel: 0525-215 15


Opening hours: Closed for the season.
We would like to thank all our customers for a great summer and welcome you back summer 2016.