Theresia Hvorslev


”Theresia is not only, or even primarily a jewelry artist. She is one of the country’s foremost silversmiths and well aware of her responsibility to consolidate the venerable Swedish silver handcrafts reputation. As a silversmith, she develops a personal line where she in a confident feeling for material combines rigor and elegance” –Åke H. Huldt


Theresia Hvorslev began experimenting with jewelry alredy as a 13 year old when she saw her two brothers make tin soldiers. However, it first took off when she graduated High School and read an article about how to make jewelry out of ebony and silver. She then started a small workshop in the familys carpenter shop and managed to sell her products to several stores, including Paul U. Bergström’s fashion department store PUB in central Stockholm.


”At the age of 16, I decided that I would create something that could leave traces for posterity” –Theresia Hvorslev


20 years old, in 1955 Theresia Hvorslev started her studies at the National College of Art HKS in Stockholm. Out of 90 candidates, only eight of them were considered to be sufficiently skilled to be accepted and Theresia was one of the lucky ones. Her studies at HKS lasted for four years where she in addition to the studies in Stockholm, spent three semester at the school Staatliche Höhere Fachschule für das edelmetalgewerbe in Germany. After the years at HKS, Theresia was employed two years at the drawing office of the well-known silversmith firm Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, and one year at the design office Bernadotte & Bjorn. The years after Copenhagen, Theresia Hvorslev attended several international competition with her designs. She was awarded several times and she won the jewelry world’s Oscars, Diamonds International Awards, three times. She is thus the only one in Scandinavia who has won the award three times. She then worked as a jewelry designer for companies Alton and Mema. On the last mentioned company, Mema, several of her famous cutlery models saw the light of day. Among other, Theresia, Thema and Tradition.
A revised version of the cutlery collection Tradition was later used by Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, on their worldwide flights for more than 30 years. This signature cutlery collection then became her most widely distrubuted product.


Thorugh out twenty exhibitions and hundreds of collections on museums and galleries all over the world, Theresia Hvorslev have consolidated her position as a respected name in the goldsmith art. Her work is currently represented in the National musem, Röhsska Museum of Art Gothenburg, Malmö Museum, Norrköping Museum, Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum Bergen and Cooper Hewitt Museum New York etc. Today Theresia Hvorslevs daughter Tabita operates the company. Theresia remains as a designer and art consultant.