In historic surroundings

In Lidköping vid Vänern’s southern shore, you’ll find the internationally renowned jewelry designer Theresia Hvorslev, her daughter Tabita and their studio and workshop, Silverknappen. At Silverknappen, Theresia, Tabita and their team manufacture and sell the unique jewelry in their own workshop since the start in 1975.


Legend has it that Karl XII:s funeral procession passed through Lidköping on the way to Stockholm. The Hero King’s ashes then rested underneath Silverknappens vaults during the epiphany weekend, 1719. It is said that the King was shot with a uniform button at Fredriksstens fortress in Norway, which gave inspiration to the name Silverknappen (Silverbutton).


The Studio and shop is located on Mellbygatan in a restored 1600-century building – the oldest building in Lidköping. Whitewashed vaults and iron gates create a historic ambience and a unique setting for Theresia and Tabitas beautiful jewelry. Diagonally opposite on the street is the workshop located, where all the hand-manufacturing takes place. Through a shop window passerby can see the goldsmiths at work.


During the Swedish summer we open up the wooden gates to Theresia Hvorslevs summer atelier in Havstenssund, located on the swedish west coast. It’s a small and charming little boutique located in a harbour warehouse by the wharf. The surroundings are ravishing and right outside the door you’ll find sailingboats from all across the globe.