First cutlery was produced in 1922!

The start of what became the Hvorslev jewelry (the silver button) it is today.

About us

Since 1916, Theresia Hvorslev's family has been active in the Swedish blacksmith industry. Theresia's grandfather, Elof Ericson, was then elected CEO of the relatively newly started "Nymans porslinsfabriker", later known as MEMA (metal manufacture). In the company's beginnings, cutlery was made in Britannia metal and sold mostly to the hardware store. In 1922, the first cutlery model was manufactured in nickel silver, and it came to be called "Läckö".

Theresia's father, Sven Ericson Senior, took over the company in 1944. During the war, in addition to cutlery, barbed wire fences and travel cutlery for soldiers in the field were also manufactured. After the war, the company was reconstructed and a new factory was built. Theresia worked during this time as a designer at the company, and in 1967 she won the "Diamond International Awards" for the first time with a piece of jewelry she designed during her time at Mema.

While Theresia worked as a designer, her brother, Sven Junior, trained to become the company's next owner and CEO. He took over the company in 1971. During the same period, Theresia chose to try her wings elsewhere and took a job at Alton in Falköping, where she worked as a designer for a few years. Already in her first year there, she won her second "Diamond International Awards". Shortly afterwards, Theresia chose to return as a designer at Mema, and that's when her popular collection "Näckrosen" saw the light of day.

In 1979 Mema was sold, but by that time Theresia had already started her studio Silverknappen in Lidköping's oldest preserved building, which happened in 1975. Theresia ran the company successfully for several years, and over time the shop turned into a studio with strong self-formulated and self-produced material.

Theresia's eldest daughter, Tabita, who also grew up within the company, took over the responsibility and operation of the company and its studios "Silverknappen" in 2008. Tabita's creativity and versatility made her worthy of shouldering the task and carrying on the artistic legacy from Theresia. At the same time as Tabita built her career in the restaurant industry and through aesthetic studies in, among other places, the USA, she worked together with Theresia on jewelry design. With a strong sense of quality and with the help of her creative ability, she has created several successful collections, including "Stairway" and "Waterfall". Tabita also has her own niche where she helps engaged couples to incorporate personality and unique quality design into their engagement rings.

The future looks bright for the Hvorslev family. Tabita's two sons, Rasmus and Theodor, both share a passion for design. Rasmus, the older of them, is studying entrepreneurship and product development in textiles and has already during his studies successfully contributed to developing the company and its graphic profile. Theodor spends a lot of time in the workshop where he draws and works on new jewelry together with the skilled goldsmiths.

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