Stairway is a collection of jewelry that can be built on. It is therefore possible to start with some and then build further.

"Stiarway is a symbolic as it demonstrates my first step in preserving the legacy of my mother"- Tabita Hvorslev

Ring, Pendant and Earrings

Designer's words:

Dear jewelry lovers, you are now viewing a collection of jewelry that I named Stairway .

It is my first own design and it came about by chance, the idea was that I would make suggestions for new wedding rings but suddenly I got the idea for Stairway instead and started experimenting with different shapes.

The result was a ring and eventually also pendants and earrings that can change appearance depending on how you put them together.

It is available in several different materials, silver, gold, white gold and gold with black or white brilliants.

The name Stairway feels just right to me as I continue to run the company. What could be better than the name Stairway to heaven on my first own design.

Tabitha Hvorslev

Collection: Stairways