Tabitha Hvorslev

Born in 1965

Innovative successor

Tabita Hvorslev, Theresia's eldest daughter, owns and runs "Hvorslev Jewelry" and its atelier Silverknappen since 2006.

Just like her mother, Tabita is a successful designer. Her creativity and versatility drive her to constantly design new collections. Tabita is straight and clear in her design language, which has proven to appeal to a very large customer group. The latest collection by Tabita is the popular "Trinity". Her other successful collections are " Stairway ", " Waterfall " and "Pearl Cage".

Tabita also has her own niche where lost engagement customers are helped to give their future a personal touch with unique quality designs on their rings. Customers can also book an appointment with Tabita to rework old jewelry or get help designing a new, unique piece of jewelry. This is something Tabita is extremely good at as she is not afraid to take turns in form and design - and always with a beautiful end result.

Since Tabita took over the business, the Hvorslev jewelry brand has grown and received a lot of attention in the media.

TV / Media:

Wedding rings for Andreas Lundstedt and husband in 2020
Artist Linda Pira 2020
All-singing on the redoubt 2020 (Sanna Nielsen, Agnes Carlsson)
Zara Larsson 2020
Ello's advertisement (Selam Fessahaye)
Gold Beetle 2020 (Eva Melander)
ELLE Gala 2020 (Hanna Ferm)
Absolutely sick 2019 (Petra Mede)
Junior Water Prize (Crown Princess Victoria)
Hearts will bleed music video 2019 (Janice)
Strömdahl's jewels 2019 (Denise Rydberg)
Together for the world's children 2019 (Marika Carlsson, Emma Molin)
Huawei advertising 2019 (Zara Larsson)
Melodifestivalen 2019 (Sarah Dawn Finer)
Grammys 2019 (Sabina Ddumba)
Nobel 2018 (Victoria Dyring)
Swedish Hero Gala 2018 (Daniel Paris)
Idol 2018 (Kishti Tomita)
Class party 2018 (Reneé Nyberg)
Selam's style SVT 2018
Ensemble at Skansen 2018 (Sanna Nielsen)
The Golden Tube 2018 (Clara Henry)
Rhys music video "No vacancy" 2018
Star of the stars 2018 (Ace wilder, Petra Mede)
ELLE gala 2018 (Emelie Janrell fashion show)
Sports Gala 2018 (Frida Nordstrand)
Kristin Kaspersen photography 2018
The big cake party 2018 ( Marie Serneholt )
Nobel 2017 (Jessica Jedin)
IDOL 2017 (Nikki Amini, Gina Dirawi)
Alcazar 2017 (Lina hedlund)
So Much Better 2017 (Icona Pop)
Emelie Janrell's fall 2017 fashion show
Adidas, Amanda winberg photography 2017
The Polar Prize 2017 (Petra Marklund)
Melodifestivalen 2017 Rasmus Hvorslev jewelry (Robin Bengtsson)


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