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Rainbow ring in white gold with white brilliants (TWVVS) total 0.30ct and 1 Tahitian pearl and 1 South Sea pearl

Rainbow ring in white gold with white brilliants (TWVVS) total 0.30ct and 1 Tahitian pearl and 1 South Sea pearl

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Ring in white gold with white brilliants (TWVVS), total 0.30ct and 1 Tahitian pearl and 1 South Sea pearl.

design: Theresia Hvorslev

This ring is made to order. If you are interested, please contact our studio Silverknappen in Lidköping. Phone 0738-95 65 92.

Designer's words:

The enchanting, shimmering glitter of the rainbow over a moisture-laden landscape is for most a spectacle that excites the imagination. Is there any truth to the saying that a treasure is hidden at the foot of the rainbow?

When creating my simple little bow shape, I was fascinated by the diversity of color and expression achieved through different materials. Gold, white gold, silver and stones gave me endless possibilities to vary the final piece of jewelry.

Being able to make a composition together with a woman that suits her gives me great joy. And I chose to name my piece of jewelery Rainbow – rainbow which, with its colour-changing arc, gave me ideas and inspiration.

Good luck with your choice!

Theresia Hvorslev

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